Shake Powder Machine for DTF Heat Transfer Printer

Shake powder machine usually used with DTF heat transfer printer and hot melt powder.

The hot drawing film will output to the shaking powder machine after the digital pattern has been printed on PET film.

Then the shake powder machine will automatically sprinkle and shaking powder for hot drawing films.


shake powder machine overview

It integrates printing, powder shaking, drying, and automatic taking up functions.

No engraving, no hollowing, and waste discharging.


Epson 4720 / i3200 Printhead Obtional

Printing speed up to 30 sqm/hour (4pass)

Equipped with dual Epson 4720 printhead, and printing resolution up to 1800dpi.

It prints 10 sqm/h,means that can print 165 pieces of A4 Size T-Shirts per hour.

Hoson Main Board

With the Hansen board, the debugged data can be stored in the board, making
the operation more convenient.

Elevation Type Capping Station

Use lifting ink stack, more accurate and durable.

Smart Operation Panel

The temperature, time, and speed are clearly visible and can be set freely and the setting is convenient and the display is accurate.

Openable Powder Cover

Easily to facilitate observation of the powder condition.

Automatic Shaking Powder

No artificial powder shaking improve production efficiency.

Belt Conveyer

Suction can play a good role during drying to ensure that the finished product will not wrinkle.

Automatic Take-up System

No artificial powder shaking improve production efficiency.

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