After-Sale Service for Digital Printer - DOYPrinter

After-Sale Service

  1. If you use our ink, we will always provide you with free repair service
  2. Technologists can speak fluent english and provide instant online support service.
  3. Free technical training will be provided in the f actory.
  4. We will send you spare parts and inks in lower price.
  5. We can issue you excludsive dealership after we confirm our cooperation and we will 100% loyal to our dealers.
  6. We can arrange technicians to visit you for supporting the booth and training freely if you display our machines in exhibition.

Machine Maintenance Instructions:

  1. As for the ink cap, scraper and lifting plate clean, must be kept clean all the time.
  2. Need to put some lubricating oil on the trolley track for every half a month or for every month.
  3. Grating need be wiped with dry clean fabric for every month.
  4. Need to put some water into the ink stack cap while the the machine is printing. It greatly keeps the ink cap wet to prevent agglomeration and the print head blocked.
  5. It is best to turn on the machine in two or three days if you do not use the machine for long time. And print the test strip or print some tasks to prevent the print head blocked.
  6. The machine need to be kept cleaned all the time . If can kept like a new machine, which will better.