The Difference and Advantage Amoung the TPU and PES Hot melt Transfer Powder

Hot melt powders are widely use for screen transfer printing for t-shirt, cotton clothes, fabric lining and so on.

Hot melt powder is the bonding agent when plastisol heat transfer printing for fabric, because it works as an adhesive and sticks with the print and gives excellent results while transferring.

And hotmelt powder has excellent washing resistance and dry cleaning resistance, that why applicate for chemical fiber fabric.

The common hot melt transfer powder are TPU, PES, PU in the market.

Today I will introduct the difference and advantage amoung the TPU, PES, PU hot melt powder.

TPU Hot Melt Transfer Powder

PU Polyurethane ad hesive HotMelt Powder widely use for all kinds of shoes and fabric products, such as PVC transfer film, PET, nylon clothes, and etc. Sometimes it also be used in furniture, automotive materials and industrial materials.

TPU hot melt powder has low temperature, high hardness,  soft and elastic, and quick crystallization, that is why TPU hot melt powder suitable for heat transfer printing.

TPU polyurethane powder is white color, the conventional size is 0-80micron, 80-170micron.

PES Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

PES hot melt adhesive powder has excellent resistance for washing performance and dry cleaning. It also has a strong bondy effect of fabric clothes.

Difference Between TPU and PES Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

difference between tpu and pes hot melt adhesive powder

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Hi, I’m Alan, the funder of DOYPrinter company, I’ve been running a factory in China that makes clothes printer for 8 years now, and the purpose of this article is to share with you the knowledge related to printer from a Chinese supplier’s perspective.

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  1. Kadena

    I have a DTF printer.
    Do you have hot melt powder for nylon?

    The powder I have now is not compatible with nylon products.
    The glue will ooze out, and if you wash it several times, the fine parts will come off.

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