Machine Diagram-Heat Transfer PET Film DTF Printer Detailed Illustration

Product Front Diagram

Product Front Diagram
  1. Machine lifting rod:
    it is fixed on the bottom plate of wooden case during transportation to fix the machine, and it is used when the machine is installed for the first time. After the machine is installed, this lifting rod can be removed.
  2. Machine stand
    The supportingstand of the machine. For detailed installation instructions of the stand, see stand.
  3. Platform heating control panel:
    Set the front, middle and rear heating of the platform. See platform heating setting for setting instructions.
  4. Key panel:
    Adjust and set the operation and internal parameters of the machine. Please refer to the key panel description for details.
  5. Emergency stop switch:
    Press it in case of emergency.
  6. Paper lifting handle:
    Lifting the platen roller is convenient for installing printing materials
  7. Large ink supply bottle:
    A device for storing ink.
  8. Waste ink bottle:
    A device for storing waste ink.

Graphic on Right Side of Product

Graphic on right side of product- DTF Printer Machine

9. Air outlet of cooling fan: Do not block the air outlet when the machine is working.
10. USB button: fix the USB data cable.
11. Leakage switch: leakage protection device
12. Power switch:switch control of the main power supply
13. Lift the paper handle: Lift the paper pressing wheel to facilitate the installation of printing materials.
14. Main power supply: connect to the power plug.
15. Ground wire terminal: external ground wire to ensure that the machine is free from static electricity or external electric field interference.
16. X-axis motor:X-axis drive motor group
17. Right door: There are circuit equipment such as X-axis motor set, control panel and temperature control board inside, which should not be opened by non-professionals.

Product Back Side Diagram

18. Electric cabinet door: the inside is the main circuit, so non-professionals should not open it.
19. Damping paper feeder: a device for placing printing materia
20. Ink road systemcover plate: the inside is ink road system, so non-professionals should not open it.

Schematic Diagram of Right-Hand Machine Head of Product

22. Ink station: a device for sucking ink from head and moisturizing head. When the machine is not working, it is necessary to let the ink absorption pad close the head.

23. Car:painting spray device. See the diagram of car in detail.

24. Ink suction pump:the element of ink suction in the ink station.

Keyboard Diagram

Keyboard Diagram-Heat Transfer PET Film DTF Printer

25. Display screen: the machine operation information is displayed.
27. Cleaning:clean the head
29. Move forward: the printed material moves backward.
30. Move to the left: the car moves to the left.
31. Move backward: the printed material moves forward.
32. Menu: menu selection
34. Pause:stop
35. Origin:the start
36. Right:Car right
37. Enter:Confirm

Car Diagram

Car Diagram-Heat Transfer PET Film DTF Printer

38. Head board: machine online, data transmission, inkjet system.
39. Decryption card: only encrypted head are used, and original head do not need this card.
40.Car origin sensor: the sensing element was originally positioned accurately.
41. Grating decoder: X-axis grating ruler reading element.
42. Head: Ink output, and the state of the head directly affects the printing effect.
43. Ink damper: ensure continuous supply of ink and filter impurities.
44. Ink damper fixing frame: prevent the ink damper from loosening.
45. Lifting knob: adjust the height of head according to the thickness of printing material
46. Screw clamping piece: it is usually locked to prevent the head height from being adjusted at will. When the head height needs to be adjusted, it is necessary to loosen this clamping piece and five screws on the left and right side plates of the car before adjustment. After height adjustment, the screws need to be tightened again.

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